Faux sheepskin rugs and throws

Sheepskin rugs and throws are incredible effecting in cozifying the space. It is one of the signature elements of the Scandinavian style. Good faux sheepskin rugs look and feel just like the real ones, but they are much cheeper. It is very easy way to create natural, soft style in your home.

I can recommend couple places where you can get the faux sheepskin in right price and good quality:

sheepskin rug home depot

Sheepskin rug, Home Depot, 69.00

sheepskin rug ikea

Sheepskin throw, Ikea, 29.00

Sheepskin rug, Home Decorators

Sheepskin area rug, Home Decorators, 149.00

Look at those inspiring pictures! Where do you want to put your sheepskin?

sheepskin rug 6 sheepskin rug 5

sheepskin rug 4

sheepskin rug 3

sheepskin rug 2 sheepskin rug 1

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