Scandinavian style in the bedroom

Scandinavian style can be characterized by simplicity and minimalism. The color palette includes shades white and cream, often combined with wood and metal. We can also observe some details in natural colors: greens, browns, grays. This style is perfect for the bedroom, where we want to be surrounded by simplicity and calmness. Here are some of my favorite scandinavian style bedrooms:

 scandinavian style bedroom 3

scandinavian style bedroom 2

scandinavian style bedroom

overstock, 529, bed frame

nordic style bedroom d,

nordic style bedroom 2

nordic style bedroom 1

nordic style bedroom

Here is couple “budget friendly” furniture and decorations that will helpful with creating scandinavian look in your bedroom: 

rustic night stands, etsy 290

Nightstand set, Etsy, 295.00

deer head, etsy, 85.00

Deer head, Etsy, 85.00

wire bascet, 75, Huset.

Wire basket, Huset.,75.00

wallmart bed podium, 119

Bed Frame Podium, Wallmart, 115.00

picture ledge 9.99 ikea

Picture ledge, Ikea, 9.99

picture 12.99 ikea

Picture, Ikea, 12.99

nightstand 150 etsy

Nightstand, Etsy, 115.00

industrial floor lamp, ikea 39.99

Industrial floor lamp. Ikea 39.99

huset shop 165 duvet set

Duvet set, Huset., 165.00

frame, 9.99 ikea

Picture Frame, Ikea , 9.99

feux sheep skin, 9.99

Faux sheep shin, Ikea, 9.99

etsy 420 nightstand

Nightstand set, Etsy, 420.00

cowhide, ikea 199

Cowhide, Ikea, 199.00

basket ikea 799

Basket, Ikea, 7.99

bascet 3 pack, 39.99 ikea

Soft baskets 3 pack, Ikea, 39.99

2499 target throw

Throw, Target, 24.99

399 headbord home decorators

Headbors, Home Decorators, 399.00

75, comforter set target

Comforter set, Target, 79.00

69.99 industrial ceiling lamp, ikea

Industrial ceiling lamp, Ikea, 69.99

49.99 ikea rug

Area rug, Ikea, 49.99

16.99 ikea coconut palm bascet

Coconut palm basket, Ikea, 16.99

9.99 ikeasmall bascets

Soft baskets, Ikea, 9.99

8.99 ikea work lamp

Work lamp, Ikea, 9.99

nightstand 150 etsy

Nightstand, Etsy, 150.o0

DIY tips: to create the scandinavian use wooden pallets to make the bed frame/ headboard or wooden boxes to make the night stands/ shelves!



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