Vintage flower buckets

Old farm buckets can make a great decoration as a flower planter. It can appear rustic and country, however, if you decided to place it in a white, modern room, it will bring the unique look. Old buckets can make an exceptional decoration for your porch or deck. I also like them on the table, as a centerpiece. They will look amazing filled with pastel colored flowers.

Vintage buckets are like a little work of art. You can try to find an original one in an antique store, or just buy the “shabby chic” looking one.

flower in the backet

flowers in the bucket 

flowers in the old bucket

folwer bucket 1

flower bucket

You can find various vintage buckets in popular stores. Here are my favorite picks: get the look, vintage buckets for the flowers

1. Northern Tools, 19.99

2. Iron Accents, 18.00

3. Patio and HomeDecor, 92.99

4. Pure Home, 42.00

5. Pure Home, 83.00

6. Christmas Central, 189.00

Find more vintage buckets on

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