Custom wardrobes and interiors by Zien Home

Originally being from Poland, I’m always so proud when I can observe people from my country being talented and successful. I’m sure that a lot of you still think that Polish apartments are boring and people live in squared, dated buildings from communist times.. Its totally not true! Most of my Polish friends are really interested in interior design and their apartments look like little pieces of art. Since there is a lot of the same looking buildings, especially in big cities, people try to make their homes look unique from inside.

Nowadays, the Polish economy is growing, and more and more Poles are starting to take care of their apartments’ image. The interior design market is growing really fast. A lot of companies and designers decided to create a Home Decor line. One of them, Maciej Zien, famous Polish fashion designer, opened his first Home Decor showroom in 2011. The idea of Zien Home is to create custom made designs that correspond well with the sense of comfort and functionality. I am especially impressed by his custom made wardrobes. Being very concerned with details and quality of fabrics, his pieces are extremely luxurious and unique.


zien home wardrobe

zien home wardrobe 1

zien home wardrobe 2

zien home

zien home 2

zien home 4

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