Trend: knitting in interiors

In recent years we have observed growing popularity of Do It Yourself projects among the young generation. The old craft techniques have become trendy again. One of the results of that movement is a big come back of knitting. First, it was featured in the fashion industry, and then in became popular in interior design. Knitting in interiors is not limited to pillows and throws. Modern designers use knitting to create furniture, lamps or even wallpaper!

knitting in interiors_knitting light knitting lighting

Knitted pendant lamps by Berlin design studio Llot Llov

Melanie Porter chair

Restored chair by Melanie Porter

Knit-wit-Stool- by claire anne obrien

Link stool by Claire Anne O’Brien

Pouf by Darkroom London

Pouf by Darkroom London

fat knitt hammock by bless berlin

Fat knitt hammock by Bless Berlin

knitting in interiors 4

Woolen containers from ferm LIVING

pillows by umemi pillows by umemi3

Pillows by Reykjavik designers – Umemi

Look at these pictures! Don’t you think that knitting in interiors look so cozy! I have to start taking a knitting course! 

knitting in interiors 3 knitting in interiors 2 knitting in interior design 6 knitting in interior design 5 knitting in interior design 8 knitting in interior design 4 knitting in interior design 3 knitting in interior design 2

Wide selection of knitting products for interiors is available in ferm LIVING store. The prices are in Euro but they ship to The United States. Check their wallpapers too! They are amazing and very unique!

Sources of pictures:


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