Trend: knitting in interiors

In recent years we have observed growing popularity of Do It Yourself projects among the young generation. The old craft techniques have become trendy again. One of the results of that movement is a big come back of knitting. First, it was featured in the fashion industry, and then in became popular in interior design. Knitting in interiors is not limited to pillows and throws. Modern designers use knitting to create furniture, lamps or even wallpaper!

knitting in interiors_knitting light knitting lighting

Knitted pendant lamps by Berlin design studio Llot Llov

Melanie Porter chair

Restored chair by Melanie Porter

Knit-wit-Stool- by claire anne obrien

Link stool by Claire Anne O’Brien

Pouf by Darkroom London

Pouf by Darkroom London

fat knitt hammock by bless berlin

Fat knitt hammock by Bless Berlin

knitting in interiors 4

Woolen containers from ferm LIVING

pillows by umemi pillows by umemi3

Pillows by Reykjavik designers – Umemi

Look at these pictures! Don’t you think that knitting in interiors look so cozy! I have to start taking a knitting course! 

knitting in interiors 3 knitting in interiors 2 knitting in interior design 6 knitting in interior design 5 knitting in interior design 8 knitting in interior design 4 knitting in interior design 3 knitting in interior design 2

Wide selection of knitting products for interiors is available in ferm LIVING store. The prices are in Euro but they ship to The United States. Check their wallpapers too! They are amazing and very unique!

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Meet Oki Sato

Every year a celebrated international designer is creating a lounge in the entrance to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. This year the project was accomplished by Oki Sato, Chief Designer and founder of Nendo Design Studio. Oki Sato has been called the 21st century’s most ingenious designer. He was born in Toronto in 1977, but spent a large part of his life in Tokyo and where he studied architecture. He is now a star in the design world and has worked with Cappellini, Swedese, De Padova, Foscarini and many others.

Nendo-Oki Sato

oki sato Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair

For Sato, the simplest ideas and the smallest designs create the most unusual experiences. In one of his most famous projects, a roll of pleated paper, often by-products of Issey Miyake clothing, unravels to become Cabbage, a chair that is as beautiful as comfortable.

oki sato Cabbage Chair

nendo cabbage chairs

Another Nendo’s extraordinary project, Hanabi lamp made from shape-memory alloy, opens up like a flower shortly after being turned on; heat from the bulb causes the metal to spread its tendrils. And the inspiration for this design came from a glass of iced tea.

“I was sitting in a cafe by myself, which I usually do on the weekends,” Sato explains, “having a glass of iced tea. The ice started melting, and then it moved and made that sound—do you know what I mean? Like when the ice starts to slide. It made that sound and I started thinking, ‘Couldn’t I design something that would move or change according to a change of temperature?’

“Then I remembered there was a metal, ‘shape-memory alloy,’ and if I could set the alloy’s position according to the temperature of the lightbulb, I could make a lamp that would ‘bloom’ when the lightbulb changed temperature. It was very natural, and it wasn’t inspired from the material itself—the story was there first, and then I found materials that would match the story.” (

oki sato 2

Newsweek magazine named Oki Sato one of the world’s “100 Most Respected Japanese People” in 2006 and honored the firm in 2008 as one of the “Top 200 Small Japanese Companies.” Most recently Sato earned the title of “Designer of the Year” by both Wallpaper* and Elle Decor magazines.

oki sato 1

nendo 4

nendo 1



Custom wardrobes and interiors by Zien Home

Originally being from Poland, I’m always so proud when I can observe people from my country being talented and successful. I’m sure that a lot of you still think that Polish apartments are boring and people live in squared, dated buildings from communist times.. Its totally not true! Most of my Polish friends are really interested in interior design and their apartments look like little pieces of art. Since there is a lot of the same looking buildings, especially in big cities, people try to make their homes look unique from inside.

Nowadays, the Polish economy is growing, and more and more Poles are starting to take care of their apartments’ image. The interior design market is growing really fast. A lot of companies and designers decided to create a Home Decor line. One of them, Maciej Zien, famous Polish fashion designer, opened his first Home Decor showroom in 2011. The idea of Zien Home is to create custom made designs that correspond well with the sense of comfort and functionality. I am especially impressed by his custom made wardrobes. Being very concerned with details and quality of fabrics, his pieces are extremely luxurious and unique.


zien home wardrobe

zien home wardrobe 1

zien home wardrobe 2

zien home

zien home 2

zien home 4

Fascinated by Hudson Goods

When looking for something totally different, I found an awesome, independent store with handmade furniture – Hudson Goods. I absolutely fell in love! Its style is very close to Scandinavian and the pieces could correspond with white walls and wooden elements very well. The industrial style furniture look vintage but also very well made. All furniture are constructed with all natural components. Hudson Goods also try to use reclaimed wood and repurposed materials whenever it is possible.

Here are my favorite pieces:

Industrial Bin Cabinets

industrial bin cabinets


Industrial pendant lighting

 vintage burlap ottoman

vintage burlap ottoman

 vintage round stools

vintage round stools

wire wine rack

wire wine rack

 industrial reindeer

industrial reindeer head

Industrial metal Locker End Table

industrial metal locker end table

What do you think about the Hudson Goods? I like the wire pieces the most!